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Have Fear And Do It Anyway

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Hello Beautiful Human!! Welcome to Episode One of the Be Real Podcast!

This episode is an intro to me, your host, Shay Paine, a Real Girl being vulnerable and exploring ways to thrive.

I am a wife of 14 years to my hubby Dean, and the mumma of three beautiful kiddies, Everly 6, Vinnie 2, and Mo 6 months. I am however, more than these titles. I would totally describe myself as a dreamer of big things and definitely a woman on a mission to empower humans to dream big and to bring hope to the world.

I just want to acknowledge that this podcast it isn’t about me, the stories that I share are mine and the experiences are mine but the lessons that I bring to these episodes after all this for all of us.

I'm sharing my stories here today to create space for all humans to think about their own stories, your stories, your thoughts, your empowerment, and your own confidence. WhatI mean by that is I'm holding space here for you for your growth and your ability to feel deeply connected to your own life. To feel present to find that feeling of excitement, that thing that lights you up and sets Your Soul On Fire.

Listen in to hear the full episode.

You can find me on instagram @theearthymumma or Facebook

I would love to hear your thoughts and takeaways from this episode so please reach out or share this episode on your socials! Enjoy!

Be Real,

Shay xx

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