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This is me, Shay, founder of the Earthy Tribe, a tribe built on learning more about holistic health and a space to feel empowered to live a life full of nourishment!

I also head up the 'Be Real, Girl' movement, learn to love yourself inside and out, and start shining your light. 

I am a mother, a wife, a teacher, a business owner, a dreamer and woman on a mission to empower others to dream big and bring hope to the world.


I have a deep passion and desire to help others uncover ways to live a healthier lifestyle, free of toxins in the home, and to feel empowered with knowledge of how to nourish your body naturally. I want to see others take back their responsibility for health and to be truly excited about the direction their life is headed.


My health journey started back in 2012 when I started on a path to create a tiny human. I wanted to create a body that would grow a thriving baby. Once I started to uncover what I didn’t know about food, cosmetics, chemicals, and toxins in my life, I couldn't never unknow it! So now I have chosen to be a light for that information and I tell you what, it bloody excites me to be able to help others on this journey.

Shay xo